Made with MAGIX All text and images are the property of John Hurd (all rights reserved) Welcome to my concert website 3 Songs/NO FLASH! It’s been a long and winding road since I began ‘snapping’ musicians at gigs many years ago with a Yashica film camera in a wet and windy bar on South Parade Pier in Portsmouth.  A road that has led me to ‘snapping’ many top musicians at concerts in Bonn and Cologne. One thing that hasn’t changed is my love for Blues music.  Those first, blurred, pics were of the Scottish band ‘Blues n Trouble’ and many of my galleries today are from Blues shoots - of the famous, the not so famous, and the ‘never will be famous but make great music’. There are other musical styles in here too, so please take a look, and maybe you’ll find someone you know. Even better - maybe you’ll discover someone you don’t yet know for the first time!!! I’ll also be posting blogs from time to time and hopefully be linking up my reviews from that have proved so popular (hello friends and family!)  So please check back regularly for new items.